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The Greatest Inventions of All

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! CARS … I sit down, look at my television, see The Fast and the Furious, and think to myself, “Cars are an amazing invention.” … Before cars existed, you had to rely on horses, so it was difficult to travel. People had to walk miles to go to school to get an education which took a lot of energy.

Courthouse Square Celebration

The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce and residents celebrated the new courthouse square improvements in Downtown Texarkana on October 29. The celebration consisted of a ribbon-cutting, food trucks, and local high school bands and cheerleaders. Pastor Warren Smith of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church began the ceremony with an invocation and other local officials shared remarks in celebration of another project completed that makes Texarkana, USA even better.

Little Orphan Annie Comes to Texarkana

When someone hears the word “Annie,” especially in a musical setting, our minds remember the little orphan with red hair and the ever so famous red dress. She was a child icon who went from a cartoon comic character to live theatre, Hollywood movie stardom and television fame.

Finding a Good Thing

“A grateful heart is one that searches and can always find a GOOD THING.” … Years ago, I moved to this area when my son was around eighteen months old. I fled from an abusive marriage in the middle of the night with a bag of diapers and just 19 dollars to my name. I had been the lead singer in a band with my then husband and we made our livelihood playing gigs in little smokey bars and clubs. He held all power over me, the band and the money that was earned. His addiction to drugs and alcohol-fueled the emotional, mental, and physical abuse I endured.

Work, Work, Work!

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! MOST DIFFICULT TASK … I sprint to my phone, see that it’s Monday, and screech, “Why me?!” Panic attacks. Homework calculations. Getting breakfast. School screams at me, telling me what to do every week. Being on time is very hard, but it’s work I must do. … Some people wake up early because they are perfectionists, and that is how to describe me.

In the Valley of Vision

photo by Brian Jones
Pregnancy had been particularly sweet for Texarkana natives Jordan and Mitch James, following a struggle with fertility. Months of fear and anguish over the possibility of never becoming parents had turned into a pregnancy marked by gratefulness and pure joy. The couple had finally become pregnant; beyond their wildest dreams, they were being blessed with twins. However, it was the week of Thanksgiving, the time of year when it begins to smell like fall and the air turns crisp, that the joy of a long-awaited pregnancy took an unexpected turn.

A Life with Reservations

photo by Matt Cornelius
I wear a modern dress because we are still here. I wear shells to honor my ancestors. I wear squash blossom to honor my mother. I wear red in honor of all the missing and murdered Native American women. … “If not me, who? If not now, when?” This was the sage wisdom of Susan Warmack’s then first grade son, David; they were words meant to move her to action and lead her to start her foundation, The Native American Advancement Foundation (NAAF). The challenge was demanding, but Susan’s passion for her Native American community and for the place she was raised was and is still greater!

Higher Purpose

photo by Matt Cornelius
November 11 is a special day in the United States as it commemorates the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, when in 1918, the first World War ended. Since that time, Americans have used this special day to honor all the brave men and women of this country who have answered the call as freedom fighters and who have given us the invaluable gift of security we sometimes take for granted.

3 Keys to the Future

photo by Matt Cornelius
We have great opportunities to move our city forward in the future, but it’s going to take a collective effort from everyone to see major progress. We have identified three areas of focus to best accomplish this. 1. Community maintenance, 2. Planning, and 3. Communication are the areas where we need to get everyone on the same page. Even though all three areas of emphasis are separate, they are also all interrelated. … 1. Community maintenance is something we can all do to build pride in our community and lift the standard by which we live. This will start with leadership.

Giving Guide 2021

When we give, it touches so many people. Nonprofits have always been an essential part of our local economy and culture. The assistance and support they offer is crucial to the well-being of our entire region. Each one makes the area a better place to live and work. … These organizations across the region are still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, yet they have continued providing vital services and resources and are fulfilling needs.

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