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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, … Are you at the North Pole getting the presents ready? I would like My Little Pony. —Olivia … Why do you do presents? I would like a doll. —Ella … Are you coming to my house? I would like a skateboard. —Jazzie … Why do you bring a million presents? I would like a toy eagle. —Koen … Why do you give us presents? I would like a remote-control race car. —Silas … Why do you have so many elves? I would like a Nintendo Switch. —Woodson … Where do you go at Christmas time? I would like a robot. —Logan … Are the elves at the North Pole?

Merry and REALLY Bright

My husband and I bought our first home in May 2003 and with that purchase came an old wooden ladder that the previous homeowners had left in the storage building. When I say old, I’m pretty sure this rickety ladder was the one Noah stood on to build the ark. Anyway, for our first three Christmases in that house, my husband would hang lights using that ladder. It might have looked as old as the hills, but the ladder was very functional… or so we thought.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,My students have worked so hard this school year and have been extra good. I asked them what special item they would like for you to bring them this Christmas, as well as what question would they like to ask you.Levi would like a remote-control boat. He would like to ask you how you make all the toys. … Holt would like a Spiderman robot this year. He would like to know how long it takes the elves to make all the toys. … Charlotte would like a toy puppy. She wants to know how do you do magic? … Adeline would like a scooter this Christmas.

A Sarine Thought… or Two

Light It Up!There is something universally heart-warming about Christmas, no matter who you are. When December comes around, our everyday lives just become that extra bit sweeter because of the spirit in the air. The stores are decorated to the hilt with trees, Santa, snowmen, reindeer, ribbons, tinsel and bows—oh my! The Muzak stations in elevators and restaurants are set to Christmas carols and hymns. And, as Rudolph is run-run-running to get Santa to town, the weather begs for hot beverages to be drunk and sweaters to be worn.

The Monthly Mix

Have Yourself a Merry Little Mantle … It is time to deck the halls and cozy up for some Christmas movies! The mantle is typically the focal point of a living area. Decorating accordingly will help put you in the mood for a little cheer! I’m sharing all the elements you need to make your space very merry this holiday season. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance! … Start with the greenery! Select a piece that has the texture and color you desire. You can go with the classic green or modern flocked look.

Attention to Detail

As a professional in the housing industry, it probably comes as no surprise that Lynlee Harvey’s personal home is a standout. Nor is it a surprise that her attention to detail is abundant throughout the contemporary space. … The detail that is immediately noticeable upon entry is how the natural light saturates each room in a very inviting way. It is the use of large windows and a neutral palette that allow the outside light to highlight minimalistic details such as sleek trim, light toned wood floors and champagne gold metal accents.

So Thankful

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! … My sister, Mary Ellen, is as sweet as honey, as fun as a roller coaster, and as pretty as a sunset. She is so helpful. Mary Ellen cleans around the house and helps my mom make dinner. She loves to try to make new recipes. The other day, she made lemon cupcakes that were gone within two days.

Being Thankful

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! … “Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude,” I once heard someone say. I’m thankful for my sister, Hope, because she plays with me and is very funny. She is usually happy but can get sad sometimes, so I try to help her through it. My sister is like a big sunflower blooming throughout the valley. … Jace Griffin … 9 years old … My parents are as sweet as candy.

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