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Trena and Cade Vanderhoeven Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … A. We met in college through a mutual friend who was also a part of our wedding party! … Q. What drew you to each other? … A. It was instant attraction between the two of us, but we also believe it was the mutual respect for our talent as musicians. Cade sings and plays bass guitar and I play the trumpet and sing as well. … Q. Tell us about the proposal. … A. We both committed to moving across the country together. However, I moved first because of my job. Cade came a month later, after he was able to transfer from his job.

Erin and Josh Cole Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … A. We met in high school when Josh and his family moved to Texarkana from Ohio. … Q. What drew you to each other? … A. Josh says he was drawn to my southern charm, and I was drawn in by his calm demeanor and that he thought all of my weird jokes were hilarious. … Q. Tell us about the proposal. … A. Josh was doing yard work on a Monday night, and he started a fire outside. We love to sit around fires together, so he asked me to come outside and see it. I was reading a book in my sweatpants, so I almost said no, but I put on my muck boots and went outside.

Knowing and Doing Better

I feel largely inadequate and underqualified to write this month’s book review and honestly, I’ve struggled with my words. It is a special month and I want to make space for the voices who need to be heard. I’m not sure that is my voice, but February is National Black History Month. Each year during Black History Month, I exclusively read black authors and stories. There are many informative resources out there to teach us about the past and equip us with the tools and knowledge to strive for a more collaborative future together.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lucy Brown … Sixth Grade Student … Red Lick Middle School … In his “I Have a Dream Speech,” Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Perhaps, if we fulfilled King’s wishfully, the world wouldn’t be as harsh anymore. Perhaps, we wouldn’t have racism for any race at all. Perhaps people wouldn’t slit their eyes at Asians or criticize people who are different from themselves. A man who definitely deserved it, Martin Luther King Jr.

Sadie and Baylor East Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … A. “Baylor and I first met when I moved to the Genoa Central School District when we were both in sixth grade. To say we’ve been in each other’s lives for a long time is an understatement. We mutually decided to try dating when we were in tenth grade and we’ve been together since then. Being with him has always been so easy and we fit into each other’s lives so well; there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that we were meant to last.” … Q. Who was in your wedding party and why? … A. “Our wedding party was full of people near and dear to us. Let’s start with the girls!

Trei and David Wells Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … A. “We met in 2015 through a mutual friend in Fayetteville, Arkansas! The first time we remember seeing each other is at a Wendy’s in town when David had red dreads and he says it was love at first sight... I didn’t really feel that way. Ha!” … Q. What drew you to each other? … A. “We started off as great friends, hanging out with the same group of people and just getting to know each other. David says he always had eyes for me, but the feeling wasn’t mutual, so we remained friends.

Fernanda and Andrew Martin Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … A. “Andrew and I met in the CrossFit room at the gym we both went to. I had seen him a couple of times before, but we never spoke. This particular day, I noticed he was leaving, but then he came back into the training room, walked up to me and told me he misplaced his phone and asked if I had seen it by chance. I offered to call it, to which he replied, “It’s on silent, but yes, please call it.” He sent me a text three days later. He didn’t get my name the day he lost his phone, so his text read ‘Hey pretty girl from the gym.’” … Q. What drew you to each other?

2022 Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers Pageants

The first Miss America Competition was held in 1921 on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It would be just 11 years later when the first Miss Texarkana would grace that same boardwalk to compete for the coveted title. And for 90 years, the Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers Organization has continued the legacy. … The mission of Miss America, Miss Texas/Arkansas, and our program is to prepare great women for the world and the world for great women.

My Drift

(L-R) Karen Mote, Karen Stephens, Karen Rayfield, Karen Wacha and Karen Mittelman. Sitting: Patsy (NOT Karen) Morriss and Karen Schmidt. photo by Matt Cornelius
Don’t Call Me KarenI have a friend who enjoys engaging in debates on social media. Because she is my Facebook friend, those debates usually show up on my feed. Recently, a participant in one of them made an unnecessarily biting comment to her, and I couldn’t resist pointing out that it was inaccurate and unfair. … “You’re missing the point, Karen,” was the reply. … “He called me Karen,” I texted my friend. … “LOL. That’s what they call any woman they disagree with,” was her reply. … I wasn’t amused. I didn’t even know this guy.

Sharing The High Life

Holland, Brian, Meagan and Remington Harris submitted photo
No one understands the importance of family time quite like the Harris family. For Holland Harris and her late husband Brian, what started out as a place for their family to enjoy each other turned into a business that allows space for other families to spend time together. … In 2014, the Harris family longed for a quiet place to gather. A childhood friend of Brian’s informed them of some land in Glenwood, Arkansas, along the Caddo River that was for sale. Holland recalls the first time they visited the area and how hard it was for her to see what this area might develop into.

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