So Thankful

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! 

My sister, Mary Ellen, is as sweet as honey, as fun as a roller coaster, and as pretty as a sunset. She is so helpful. Mary Ellen cleans around the house and helps my mom make dinner. She loves to try to make new recipes. The other day, she made lemon cupcakes that were gone within two days. Life would be dreadful if I did not have my little sister by my side.

Caroline Andrus
9 years old

My uncles are as funny as circus clowns, as sweet as puppies, and as cool as a country band. I love how Uncle Robert and Uncle Jim give me Legos, take me places, and make me feel special when I visit them in Dallas. Uncle Jim and I have matching Lego shoes that he surprised me with, and we love to go to the Lego store together. I will never forget the time when Uncle Robert told me we were going shopping for rugs, but when we walked into the building, it was Dave & Buster’s. I thought I was going to be so bored, but it ended up being my best day ever. I am so thankful for my uncles. When I’m with them, I feel like a special diamond found in a mine.

Hudson Asimos
9 years old

My Pappy was as nice as Christmas morning is when you get a present you’ve always wanted. I’m very thankful that he was my grandpa. I remember when I was little, I would sit in his lap, and we would watch the rain fall together. Now every time I look outside and see the rain, I think of him. Pappy was an amazing cook. He was a chef for the army. His sweet tea was like Heaven on Earth. Whenever I would visit him, there would always be sweet tea waiting for me. My Pappy was as close as anyone could get to being an angel. Everyone loved him.

Anthony Cummings
10 years old

I run to the kitchen to grab a snack and see my mom cooking dinner. She says, “We’re having spaghetti.” I think to myself, “I’m so thankful for her delicious cooking.” My mom works hard, and when she gets home, she always asks about my day. My mom is as kind as a cherry pie, helpful like a service dog, and as funny as a whoopee cushion. I would be devastated if I didn’t have my mom.

Lily Davis
10 years old

My dog is as loving as a mother, as tiny as a stone, and as fierce as a lion. My dog, Maggie, is super goofy. She loves to give me kisses all over my face. I am thankful for her because she is a piece of my soul. Maggie cheers me up when I am sad. For instance, one time when I busted open my knee, she made me feel better by lying down beside me, which gave me comfort. When someone else tried to get close to us, she would snarl at them. If I didn’t have Maggie in my life, I would literally just die. 

Ella Raney
10 years old

A wise person once told me, “God made us cousins because he knew our mothers couldn’t handle us as siblings.” My favorite cousin, Abbey, is 19 years old, has long brown hair, and of course, cheers. Abbey is very nice, pretty, and is super fun to hang out with. She loves to shop, get her nails done, and spend time at Gaga’s house. My entire family goes to Gaga’s house every year on December 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve, so Abbey and I get to spend time together. I would be very sad if I didn’t have Abbey in my life.

Lilly Ann Rollans
9 years old

My family is like a joyful harmony. They bring me happiness when I am sad, mad, or even frustrated. They’re as caring as can be. My family gives me a BAND-AID when I need one, whether it’s for my heart or my finger. My brother, Luke, always has the best jokes that keep us motivated when we are down. I love it when my mom cracks up because my dad twists his jaw. I LOVE our pack more than anything. I am thankful for them!

Sara Spakes
9 years old


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