Being Thankful

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! 

“Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude,” I once heard someone say. I’m thankful for my sister, Hope, because she plays with me and is very funny. She is usually happy but can get sad sometimes, so I try to help her through it. My sister is like a big sunflower blooming throughout the valley.

Jace Griffin
9 years old

My parents are as sweet as candy. I am grateful for my mom and dad because they provide a bed for me to sleep in, food to eat, and a roof over my head. My mom always helps me with my homework and wakes me up for school every day. I love to play video games with my dad, and he helps me to be a better Boy Scout. If I didn’t have my parents, I would probably die.                      

Sam McGinnis
9 years old

Her purr is like a whisper in my ear. I love my cat, Baylor, because when I am sad, she will come up to me and purr to help me feel better. For example, every time I accidentally step on her tail, I feel bad for it, but she will come up to me and help me forget about it. “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action,” someone wise once said. I feel so thankful to have my cat in my life.              

Camille Cumbie
9 years old

I pack my bag, walk to the door, and say, “Surprise! I’m staying at your house!” I love to stay the night with my Memaw. She’s sweet and so, so kind. Memaw always makes my favorite foods and never makes me do chores. I am so thankful for her. My Memaw is sweet like an Oreo pie.

Sophie Tubb
10 years old

My grandpa is as nice as the center of a jelly donut. I always love to go fishing with him. He likes to set four fishing rods on a bridge and let the hooks dangle in the water. He always takes his dog, Potty, with him, and they walk a long distance while checking the rods. Sometimes he lets me come along. My grandpa is also a veteran. He laughs when he tells me about his time spent in Saudi Arabia. He says it is a very hot and dry place, but he still had a lot of fun while he was there. My grandpa is the best ever, and I am thankful to have him in my life.

Charlie Pitman
10 years old

If Thanksgiving was a beaker, it would be filled to the top with gratitude. When it’s November, we all start to think about everything we are grateful for. Everyone should be thankful for friends, family, toys, and even shelter. I am thankful for teachers. Teachers teach us more than half of what we know. They also care for us six hours per day. Let me ask you a question. When you have a lockdown drill, what do the teachers do? If it wasn’t a drill, they’d risk their lives for us. The next time you come across a teacher, say “Thank you!”

Indiana DuBois
10 years old


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