Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Our class has really been good at school this year. We have learned a lot and made new friends. We are so excited for Christmas. Are you getting the reindeer ready for Christmas Eve? Please tell the elves hello from all of us. We made our wish list and have a few questions for you. 

Karson wants a race car track and asks if you have lots of presents at the North Pole.

Kannon wants a race car track and asks if your reindeer fly fast.

Liam wants a dinosaur and asks if you know how to get to his house.

Lynnley wants a glitter unicorn and asks if your reindeer eat candy.

Izzy wants unicorn headphones and wonders who cooks your food.

Dash wants a puppy and asks if the North Pole is really cold.

Kershaw wants a train and asks if you know any jokes.

Jase wants a backpack leaf blower and wants to know if your reindeer eat hay.

Brooks wants a tractor and asks how long it take to deliver all the presents. 

Hollynn wants a scooter and is wondering if your elves play basketball.

Knox wants an Army toy and is curious if your elves sleep a lot.

Wyatt wants a Spidey toy and wants to know if you like to fly in your sled with your reindeer.

Jamison wants an excavator and asks how you know if he’s been good.

Norah wants a new doghouse and wants to know how many reindeer you have at the North Pole.

Justice wants a Barbie and wonders if you sleep on Christmas eve?

Merry Christmas!

Ms. Marilyn’s Four-Year-Old Class
Williams School


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