Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

My name is Ms. Laurie, and my four-year-old class has made a list of one thing that they would like for Christmas and one question they would like to know about you. I wanted to share their list with you.

Anna-Claire would like a Polly Pocket System. She asks, “How did you get so nice?”

Reid would like a scooter. He says, “Tell me about your house in the North Pole.”

Nora would like a Rainbow High House. She wants to know, “What do you do in your house?”

Kasey would like a castle. She wonders, “Do you like to make all the toys with machines?”

Ollie would like a playhouse and says, “Tell me about the North Pole.”

Charlie would like a washing machine and wants to know, “What do you like to eat besides cookies?”

Emerson would like milk and cookies and is wondering, “Can you be best friends with me? I’ll make you hot chocolate.”

Abigail would like an Elsa stuffy. She asks, “What is your bed like?”

Vivian would like a carriage. She wonders, “Why do you have a beard?”

Ella would like toy dinosaurs. She asks, “How do the reindeer fly?”

Maddux would like a Barbie Dream House with a puppy pool and a human pool, a big screen TV and an elevator. She would like to know “Is your favorite food really cookies?”.

Calyn would like a dog and a cat. She wants to know “Do you like to go swimming?”.

Thank you for your time, Santa. Have safe travels! We’ll be looking for you!

Much love,
Ms. Laurie’s Four-Year-Old Class
Williams School


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