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A Tribute to Tommy Fuqua

Thomas “Tommy” Howard Fuqua, Jr., known by friends and family as “Bronc”, was born in Atlanta, Texas, on July 13, 1942 to Thomas Howard, Sr. and Mina Margaret Allday Fuqua. Tommy died August 28, 2020 in Texarkana, Texas. … He attended the University of Arkansas and was a highly honored golfer for the Razorbacks. While at Arkansas, he expanded his true gentleman’s code and joined the SAE fraternity. Many lifelong friendships and unique bonds were made.

Taking Back Time

Am I the only one who feels like the ”Tiger King” era of quarantine was a million years ago, or that it was just some strange fever dream? … Can we please go back to those much simpler times, please? Ahhhh, those were the days. Since then we’ve received stimulus checks, cringed watching our adult family members attempt to make TikToks with their kids, and almost killed our siblings a time or two. Where’s my receipt?

Here and Now

Amanda Horton shares her Alzheimer's caregiving story. … Even though she is still with us, I have filled buckets of tears over the past eight years grieving the gradual loss of my mother. From the initial thoughts of “Mom seems pretty forgetful lately” to the gut-wrenching realization of dealing with full-blown dementia and Alzheimer’s, I would not wish the peaks and valleys of this experience on anyone. … But I have finally stopped feeling sorry for myself. … I am a firm believer that your mindset influences every aspect of your life.

I Need A REAL Hug!

Joanie Thompson shares her perspective on being homebound. … As a lady in the beginning of her eighth decade, I have lived through some interesting times. The year 2020 has certainly been one of them. During my eighty plus years, I have been a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I am “Grammy” to four grands and five great-grands, plus several great stepchildren and their wonderful families. I have also been a scout leader, room mother, church lay reader, Salvation Army auxiliary member, church circle leader, hospital auxiliary president, etc.

Wedding Plan D

Everyone will tell you that wedding planning is stressful, but wedding planning during a global pandemic takes stress to a whole new level. … When Jackson and I got engaged in October, we were excited to plan our dream wedding in Texarkana. We were both living in Stillwater, Oklahoma, since he was working at Oklahoma State University. I speak and consult nationally, so my work is remote and requires much travel. Life was good; we were engaged and looking forward to getting married in six months! … As both of us are from Texarkana, and because I grew up going to St.

“Popped Positive” For COVID-19

So, You’ve got the COVID. Now What?Day 1 … I notice a peculiar cough; It’s kind of dry. It was Tuesday… or maybe I had it Monday? I can’t rule it out, but can’t quite remember either. … Day 2 … Wednesday, I sneeze probably four or five different times during the day. When I sneeze it’s at least three, and often as many as six sneezes… in a row! … Also, on Wednesday, I have lunch with my father-in-law. He’s one of my favorite people on Earth. Although he’s older than me, he’s likely in better shape, but still, he is a septagenarian.

Texarkana Dreamer

The story of Texarkana Dreamer, Michelle Madrid. … At six years old, with dreams of the big city, a small child traveled many miles to start a life in a country offering endless opportunities and new beginnings. Michelle Madrid recounts the journey from her home in Honduras to the United States. … Michelle grew up in San Pedro Sula Cortes, Honduras. She lived in a household with her mother, sister, and two uncles. The home would be comparable to a duplex in the United States, with Michelle’s grandparents sharing the other side.

The Texarkana Dream

What do Albert Einstein, Sammy Sosa, Dave Matthews, Alex Trebek and Mila Kunis all have in common? … The answer is, they were all born in other countries and immigrated to the United States. Their contributions to academia, education, sports, music and television have made them household names and the idols of the generations that follow them.

Pandemic Nursing

Eight weeks ago, I packed up the safety and security of my comfortable life and left my husband and children to make the 1,300-mile journey to Hackensack, New Jersey. I was on my way to serve on the front lines of COVID-19 in one of many makeshift intensive care units in a 700-bed hospital. Quite honestly, I had no idea what to expect, and the thought of leaving my family was almost unbearable. In my mind, that was the most horrific thing I would face. The day I walked on my unit, my entire reality changed.

Beta Male Revolution

Brandy and Billy Eldridge are one of those invaluable couples who bring more than their fair share to our community. They both have such a heart for helping others and they continue to find new ways to do just that.

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