Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

Good Evening TXK

I’ve heard it said before that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. If that is the case, I am going about my resolutions the wrong way. I actually begin the year believing I can achieve my goals.

It always starts off the same way for me. I am determined to stop feeling like a blob of lifeless dough, but never seem to be ready TODAY because Whataburger is only five minutes from my apartment. So, I just say NEXT YEAR I will get up and enjoy a healthy breakfast every day, NEXT YEAR I will do 50 push-ups every morning before work, NEXT YEAR I will do what is necessary to transform my negative, self-deprecating mindset into a progressive, positive, hopeful one, NEXT YEAR I will put down the honey butter chicken biscuits.

Multiple studies have shown that by February of each year, 80% (yes, you read 80% correctly) of New Year’s resolutions are already thrown out the window. I am not trying to do some deep-dive analysis here about why we just can’t seem to keep a tight grip on our goals. I’m simply pointing out the facts, and honestly, I’m as shocked as you are! I knew things were bad, but I didn’t know they were 80% bad!

One area of my life that needs some serious work is my self-discipline! Some days it’s basically non-existent. As much as I truly want to believe that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, sometimes those pesky little feelings get in the way.

Me giving advice on how to see your goals through all the way to the end of the year would be like an old proverb that questions “someone who is not capable of dealing with a situation, guiding someone else who is not capable of dealing with it.” But one thing I DO know for sure is that genuine change does not happen until you are absolutely sick and tired of being where you currently are. It does not mean it is always going to be easy, but it does mean it’s going to be rewarding when you finally put in the hard work to see your dreams flourish.

Replacing old habits with new ones is a sure-fire way to see yourself grow in every area of your life. For example, I used to get fulfillment from watching reality television. I even fantasized about a life where I could do stupid things on camera for a lot of money. But, instead of watching so much reality TV, I decided to read my Bible instead, as I realized my desires for fame, fortune and attention would never be equivalent to the fulfillment of my soul that only the Lord can hand me Himself. The heart is deceitful above all else. That’s the WORD baby. What your heart may think it wants may not actually be what it NEEDS. One thing I know my heart still longs for is a honey butter chicken biscuit. Maybe that will never change.

Whether you’re conquering your New Year’s resolutions or are already giving up on them (no judgment), don’t forget to attend these amazing events happening in Texarkana in the month of January.


Why are there so many chicken spaghetti haters? It’s like anytime I bring up my undying love and passion for chicken spaghetti, a chicken spaghetti cynic shoots me down and makes me feel weird for loving chicken spaghetti. Oh, and I hate regular spaghetti—red sauce, gross!


American Farmer Photography Exhibit
January 1-7, 12-4 pm daily at Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council, Inc.

Texarkana Chamber of Commerce Havana Nights
Friday, January 21
6 pm at Texarkana, Arkansas Convention Center

2022 Bridal Fair
Saturday, January 22
10 am-3 pm at Texarkana, Texas Convention Center
For tickets, or event or vendor information, visit the Bridal Fair Event Page at,,,, or

Challenge Entertainment Live Trivia
Every Saturday
7 pm at Twisted Fork


Trophy Husband
Saturday, January 1
7:30 pm at 67 Landing

Hampton Fontenot on the Patio
Tuesday, January 4
7-9:30 pm at 67 Landing

Aces & 8’s
Friday, January 7
7:30 pm at 67 Landing

Lil’ Skinny’s All My Rowdy Friends Show
Saturday, January 8
8 pm at Crossties

Buckcherry + the Lacs
Sunday, January 9
6 pm at Crossties

Tailgate Poets Live
Saturday, January 15
7 pm at Redbone Magic Brewing

Vegas Stars
Saturday, January 15
9:30 pm at Whisky River Country

Franklin Pearl & The Moon, Bela Nora and Hombre Rana
Saturday, January 22
8:30 pm at Arrow Bar

T-Town 5
Saturday, January 29
8 pm at Arrow Bar

Clint and The Cosmic Wake
Saturday, January 29 at Redbone Magic Brewing, Tickets required and available at

Live Music every Friday at Twisted Fork in the lounge.

For more events visit


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