Work, Work, Work!

Join us each Tuesday as we highlight the writing talents of Mrs. Ginny Asimos’ Language Arts class at Morriss Elementary. These students will be sharing essays and proving what talented writers they are! 


I sprint to my phone, see that it’s Monday, and screech, “Why me?!” Panic attacks. Homework calculations. Getting breakfast. School screams at me, telling me what to do every week. Being on time is very hard, but it’s work I must do.

Some people wake up early because they are perfectionists, and that is how to describe me. When I was younger, being on time meant I could do what I wanted, but now that I am ten, this means no more sleep.

When I wake up, my hair is as messy as Medusa’s head. I get out of bed, rush to the restroom to see a horrific beast of a girl, and realize, “It’s me!” When I finish getting ready, I find that my clothes don’t match at all. I try getting dressed again and… “Finally!” I screech, which wakes my older sister, Zoe, up. “Oh no, here we go again!” I think as Zoe starts chasing me. After I calm Zoe down, I start my next torturous task... making breakfast for myself. After eating, I finally head to school. Getting ready in my house reminds me of the quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

I hate getting ready, and it’s hard being on time. Waking up in my house is like jumping into boiling hot lava. As you can see, this tremendous job is not my favorite.

Mia Aldridge
10 years old
Morriss Elementary


When I was younger, hard work meant remembering my phone number, learning the alphabet, and eating all my dinner. Now that I’m older, hard work means living with my brother, Cade. I love Cade as much as Juliet loved Romeo, but he can be really annoying when he smashes his controller and screams from the top of his lungs. Living with Cade is the hardest job of my life.

When my brother yells, it’s like his volume is turned all the way up. Cade is always screaming at his dumb video games. It’s definitely annoying when I’m trying to read because I can’t concentrate, and I have to tell Mom and Dad. Then they yell at Cade. Sometimes I absolutely, without a doubt, no question about it have to get my noise canceling earplugs on. Then I can read and study in peace. Living with my brother is like living with Jack Sullivan from Last Kids on Earth.

Cade is as annoying as someone smacking gum, eating with their mouth open, or like having only yogurt in your lunchbox. Even though my brother is the toughest part of my life, I still love him.

Ava Burnett
10 years old
Morriss Elementary


Rip, tear! I was on the shore with my girl scout troop, and my older sister (who is old enough to use a cardboard box cutter) was putting the finishing touches on our cardboard boat. We were making a boat out of cardboard and duct tape, and it was a race. They were about to start the race when - “GO!” the leader screamed. “Ahhhh!” I thought.

I sprinted over to the boat, gave it a little push, and jumped in. “Ummm….” I said as I looked over my shoulder and only saw my sister, Elizabeth. I looked back, and all of my other teammates were back on the shore. “No turning back now!” said Elizabeth.

Splish, splash, splish, splash! We were trying to paddle to the dock. Blub, blub! “Oh, no!” I yelled. Our boat was sinking! I looked back at my teammates on the shore, and even they were worried. All of that hard work, ten used duct tape rolls, and it sinks?!

Elizabeth and I decided to put our game faces on! (Imagine “Eye of The Tiger” playing for this to make sense.) We paddled, then paddled some more. We paddled so much, it was as if we were beavers swimming with our tail. It was no use, though, so we decided to crawl on top of our already sunken boat. It was sinking fast.

After we dried off and the race was over, my team said, “Great job!” But I know next year I am going to dominate!  

Margaret Kyles
11 years old
Morriss Elementary



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