The Greatest Inventions of All

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I sit down, look at my television, see The Fast and the Furious, and think to myself, “Cars are an amazing invention.”

Before cars existed, you had to rely on horses, so it was difficult to travel. People had to walk miles to go to school to get an education which took a lot of energy. Nowadays, it is just a 12-minute drive, and you’re there.

Cars today have so many features. Modern day cars have touchscreen and bluetooth. Back when cars were introduced, people never could have imagined that there would be cars that can drive by themselves like Teslas.

Vehicles are amazing inventions. They are easily transported and have many features. Cars are by far the best man made item, and they will continue to be for years to come.

Walker Boyette
11 years old
Morriss Elementary


I race to my room, see my glorious television that is as long as the Great Wall of China and say, “All I have to do is press a button.” My TV is so hard to turn off because it is so entertaining! The TV is the greatest invention EVER even though I don’t even know who first invented this wonderful device.

When I was young, cool inventions were new crayon colors, organic drinks that taste good, and the jaw dropping Chick-Fil-A ranch, but now that I’m older, the greatest invention is the TV! When I’m watching TV, trash just piles up like magic. With TV shows, you can just sit all day and not think about doing anything else. Without TV, I would be more lost than Moana without Mother Nature’s heart.

So many episodes. Staying up way too long. Too many shows. My TV is so hard to turn off. It’s just eyes glued 24/7 (not really). Sometimes at night, my eyes will get heavy because of the light, so I have to turn on my lamp just to wake up. On Sunday, all I do is sit around doing nothing, except eating pickles and watching TV.

Television is like my dazzling diamond, like my perfect puppy, like a shooting star. That is why I love this electronic device. Now it’s time for me to go watch some more. TV is my extraordinary emerald, my beautiful blue bonnet, my luscious Lamborghini.

Presley Hart
11 years old
Morriss Elementary


What cures boredom, entertains most people, and can teach you almost anything? You guessed it... TV! In my opinion, television is the best invention of our time.

As I walk into the living room, I see my sister watching a show, so I ask, “What’cha watching?” This device can entertain nearly anyone! I love TV more than a bear loves honey. If you’re really bored because all you can do is a jigsaw puzzle, then just turn on the TV, and your boredom is cured. If we didn’t have television, none of my favorite movies or anyone’s favorite shows would come out. To me, TV would be useless if it wasn’t entertaining!

I pick up the remote, search up how to solve a cool puzzle and think to myself, “This will be fun.” I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute just by watching a thirty-minute video. If my parents weren’t able to watch the news, they wouldn’t know what was going on in the world. TV helps you learn almost more than school does!

As you can see, television is quite helpful to me. It entertains and teaches almost everyone. Television is the greatest invention of our time and always will be.

Reece Mayo
10 years old
Morriss Elemenary


Cool adventures. Daring people. Risks. These are all the things I love about books. Even though some books can be boring, there are others that spark your interest. Books are my favorite invention so far.

I race to my room, look for the best novel in the world, Magic Tree House, and get whisked away in the adventure. Magic Tree House novels are always based on a cool place, time period, and have tricks up their sleeves. I love books more than a nerd loves to study. A book is the best of both worlds because it is scary and has exciting adventures. Books are like tiny, magical transportation devices.

All the books stacked on my bed remind me of the Empire State Building because the stack is so tall. There is usually something that interests me and makes me want to continue reading. “To some, books may be boring, but to others it’s just the beginning,” someone very wise once said.

As you can see, books are amazing to me. I just love the way they pull me in. “Can I please continue reading?” I always ask my mom. I would cry 1,000 tears if this invention didn’t exist.

Ellen Wright
10 years old
Morriss Elementary


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