2022 is the Year!

Goodness gracious! It’s already the New Year! Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Well, I do. My resolution is to improve my level 7 gymnastics routines. That will help me be more confident in competitions. If I am confident, competitions will be a piece of cake!

To perfect my routines, I will not count them if I fall on the beam. I will run really fast and explode off the vault table, and I will make sure my body line and my knees are as straight as a board when I swing bars. When I do my dance, I will make my motions bigger and use more expression. I will also punch the floor and get as high as a plane in the sky on my back layout. To top it off like a scrumptious cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae, I will stick my front handspring front tuck!

Now that my routines are perfected, my confidence is not too big of a problem. All I have to do is envision my routines, stay calm, breathe, and have fun. Having fun is the most important part even if I don't win. I still try my best and have fun!

My New Year’s resolution is to improve my level 7 gymnastics routines. To do that I will keep my legs straight, point my toes, and have a lot of power. If my routines are really good, it will help build my confidence, and I might win first place! Anyway, may the best gymnast win! Happy New Year!

Annalise Murray, Age 11

This year my resolution is to be a better person. I’m going to do this by being more grateful for what I have and spending time with my family. What I mean by this is, I want to do more with my family to show them that I love them and appreciate them for being good family members. 

I’m going to start being grateful by saying thank you to my mom and dad. For example, after my mom cooks a meal for me or my dad buys me something. Also, I will be more kind to my sisters and be grateful that they are my family.

Another resolution I have is I want to be more active. I want to do this with my family. A way I can be more productive is to throw a ball around with my dad. Also, I can play with my sisters because they are very hyper. It would also give my mom a break from them. These are my resolutions for 2022! I’m super excited to start over in the new year!

Brody Steele, Age 10

My New Year's resolution is to better manage my emotions, especially stress and anger. Usually, I would write something down and not follow it, but this year’s resolution will benefit me. 

The ways my New Year’s resolution will benefit me is I will scream less often. My home will be quieter and more peaceful. My mental health and my humanity to others will be higher. Managing emotions will decrease my chances of contracting headaches more often. Most importantly it decreases the probability that I will contract heart conditions and diseases in my future. 

My resolution for this year of managing my emotions better will benefit me way more than any goal I have had before. People live longer when they are humble. So maybe after this year's resolution, I may or may not live a couple years longer. 

Genesis Moya, Age 10


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