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In the Valley of Vision

photo by Brian Jones
Pregnancy had been particularly sweet for Texarkana natives Jordan and Mitch James, following a struggle with fertility. Months of fear and anguish over the possibility of never becoming parents had turned into a pregnancy marked by gratefulness and pure joy. The couple had finally become pregnant; beyond their wildest dreams, they were being blessed with twins. However, it was the week of Thanksgiving, the time of year when it begins to smell like fall and the air turns crisp, that the joy of a long-awaited pregnancy took an unexpected turn.

Tuscan Beauty

photos by Matt Cornelius
The rich Tuscan architecture of Kim and Dr. Randall Glass’ family home feels perfectly situated above rolling farmland and grazing cattle. One of the most endearing aspects of this architectural style is its ability to combine traditional, formal elements with warm and rustic qualities. “I have always been really drawn to the Tuscan style. I looked for plans for over a year. We’d even had an architect draw plans, but they just weren’t what we wanted,” explained Kim.

The Monthly Mix

Holiday Photo Outfit Inspiration for Her

Christmas card season is quickly approaching! It is the perfect time to take updated photos with your family. Typically, mom is hard at work looking for outfits for the kids and husband. That means often it comes down to the last minute for her own outfit! I have found some great options for outfits for her that would look good with any color scheme for photos.

A Sarine Thought… or Two

photo by Matt Cornelius
Just Your Type-1-ical Gal … Nowadays there seems to be a day or a month to celebrate, or bring awareness to, a myriad of topics: National Donut Day, Bring-Your-Child-to Work Day, No-Shave November and National Root Vegetable and Exotic Fruits Month to name a few. While November is definitely our nation’s month of thanksgiving, it is also National Diabetes month. As many of you know from past articles, I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed at two years old because of the observant eye of an exceptional babysitter who told my mother something just wasn’t right.

Bougie Grubs Meatball Stew

It is almost that time of year again when the weather is cold, and Daylight Savings Time sends us all home a little earlier in the evening for some extra time with our families. There is nothing like a good stew to warm up those cool nights, and nobody does stew like our good friend Angela Evans at Bougie Grubs. Check out this easy meal that will have your family thinking you spent all day getting it just right.

This month, try Bougie Grubs' Meatball Stew!



The Music Man

I took piano lessons from the ages of five-years-old to 16-years-old. I learned about all the classical composers. I was taught music theory, and I became skilled enough to sight read just about any piece of sheet music put in front of me. Impressive, right? Wrong. At the time, I absolutely loathed the piano and really wanted nothing to do with any of it. There were a few problems that hindered my musical education; all brought about by me. First, I was not much on practicing.

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