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“It is so hot!” That is the only thing coming out of anyone’s mouth these days. I am counting down the hours until school starts back. We thrive in the routine, and it is too hot to keep these kids entertained any longer. My boys have attended two camps, played more holes of golf than I can count, stayed up late, and done all the summertime things. I am ready for them to return to school, reunite with friends, and get back to learning.

My oldest son will turn 12 this month and start middle school! I do not even know how this is possible. He is most excited about having a locker. I remember starting middle school and being just as enthusiastic about mine. My first locker had a small mirror and a dry-erase board. I don’t know if kids do this anymore, but having a boy, I doubt I have to worry much about locker accessories.

In previous years, we would be looking forward to the start of flag football, but my boys have shifted their interest to golf. You can still count on us being extremely enthusiastic about watching all the football we can, but I know my husband is rejoicing that he will not have to coach a team and coordinate practices for the first time in years. It is fun, but it is a lot of work.

For the past two years, this Friday Night Lights issue has been a fun one for us to put together. We have had the privilege of meeting so many talented athletes and students in the community. Imagine being the cheerleader we ask to do a back tuck, back handspring, heel stretch, or some other skill repeatedly so we could get the shot. Bless their hearts! We did that... and they did that. Everyone turned to stare as the football boys were asked to give us their most intimidating yell so we could get the right look for an intense picture. We asked for the same type of things from the drill team girls, band members, and color guard, and not one of them complained. The final product was worth all the hassle.

This issue could not have been a success without the help of great team members. Kara Humphrey scheduled everything and directed poses. Matt Cornelius nailed these shots with incredible lighting. Our fantastic contributors help bring all the pieces together every month. I could go on and on. Every month, I could fill this page with words of gratitude for every person on our team. Terri Sandefur and Leah Orr have known me since I was 21 years old and have walked with me through A LOT of stages of life. Britt Earnest and I became friends in a Sunday school class many years ago, and I love that our journey has led us here. And speaking of our team, we are excited to welcome our newest member, Shelby DeMuth Akin! We are so excited about all she will add in the months ahead.

As we all get back into the routines of the school year, I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Texarkana Magazine, and I hope it helps get you as excited as we are about Friday night football! We wish all our teachers, coaches, administrators, students, and athletes a wonderful 2022-2023 school year!


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