Publisher's Letter

(L-R) Shannon Reardon, Kara Humphrey, Kelli Phillips, Cassy Meisenheimer,  Mindi Pruett,  Amber  Lawrence. photo by Matt Cornelius
(L-R) Shannon Reardon, Kara Humphrey, Kelli Phillips, Cassy Meisenheimer, Mindi Pruett, Amber Lawrence. photo by Matt Cornelius

Publisher's Letter

As I get older, I have realized something about friendship; it is not just about the time we spend together. It takes a village to keep our people and ourselves in order, and I’m fortunate to have a village of friends that love me and my family, no matter what kind of mom I am that day. We are there for each other, taking up each other’s slack when things are hard and celebrating each other’s accomplishments when things are going well. We are all doing the best we can and each of us brings something special to the table. As we approach Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to honor each other, recognizing all the unique gifts that equip our village.

The Perfectionist Mom. This mom has plans and gets things done. She most likely has a planner and no red dots on her phone. She is punctual, organized and dressed to impress. This mom will always know what is going on and will help keep you on task.

The Whatever Mom. This momma is the opposite of Perfectionist Mom. She seems to forget most things, is not very organized, has lots of red notification dots on her phone and just goes with the flow. She is also the spur-of-the-moment mom who will have you and your kids over with no planning required.

The Pinterest Mom. This is the mom who makes birthday party dreams come true. She gives the best teacher gifts, decorates for all the holidays and is just overall festive. She will bring all your costume dreams to life and meet all your craft supply expectations. It is not about a competition for her; she is just doing what makes her happy, hoping it makes others happy too.

The Social Media Mom. This momma loves to post, and she will take notice of your status updates and will admire all the pictures you post. She will have tons of fun pics of her own family, and she might even share some of the Pinterest mom’s creations. You are guaranteed a comment, tweet, like or pin. She will always be there for you online.

The Helicopter Mom. Also known as the worrier mom, she will watch the kids like a hawk on the playground. On the inside, she hopes her kid brings her to college with her. Love this momma. All of this is evidence that her child is her number one priority. You can leave your child with her and never have one concern.

The Real Mom. This mom healthily combines all of the above. She is real, knows she is not perfect (and neither are her kids). She gets that parenting is like a roll of the dice every day. There are good days and bad days, and she accepts them both with grace.

My friends and I are just a diverse village of these moms, all rolled into a good time. What I treasure most about them is the freedom they give me to be myself among them. These friends love me for me—that’s it. Being a mother is the greatest, hardest, most-rewarding, most-terrifying call of our lives. We need support and encouragement. Mommas, take some time in May to love yourself and the village that keeps you going!

All the Love,


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