Publisher's Letter

Kara Humphrey, Terri Sandefur, Leah Orr, Cassy Meisenheimer, Matt Cornelius, Megan Griffin. photo by Lindsey Clark
Kara Humphrey, Terri Sandefur, Leah Orr, Cassy Meisenheimer, Matt Cornelius, Megan Griffin. photo by Lindsey Clark

Publisher's Letter

Happy first birthday to Cardinal Publishing! We started this journey a year ago, and what a year it has been. Our initial intent was to be a monthly printed publication, hence the name Texarkana Monthly, but 2020 had other plans. It inspired us to step outside the box, transitioning our debut from print to a digital weekly correspondence, Talk Tuesday. Our team had lots of laughs about our name being Texarkana Monthly. “Texarkana Digital Weekly” would have made more sense because the print magazine did not officially become a reality until November. So, after an exhilarating year of pivots, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary by changing our name to Texarkana Magazine. We are so much more than a monthly publication, and our new name better reflects who we are as a community partner. We are Texarkana.

Our Talk Tuesday weekly digital correspondence is delivered directly to your inbox. Each online story is told from the writer’s perspective. They are as unique as the authors and introduce us to more of our fabulous neighbors. Usually, when we ask someone to write one of these, the first thing we hear is, “I am not a writer!” But each week the contributors surprise themselves as they artfully tell their amazing stories in their own voice. Sign-up online if you have not already. You do not want to miss a Tuesday!

Our print magazine is published on the first of each month. Over 6,800 issues are delivered directly to mailboxes and over 3,000 are distributed around the Texarkana area. Each month we have stories covering business, politics, community, culture, sports, entertainment, life, style and our “TXK Roots.” We love sharing stories about people from our area because as our tagline says, “Everyone is famous in their hometown.”

Besides our weekly online stories and monthly print magazine, we have also taken on community projects and design services. We also continue to expand our digital platform, social media and website.

Without our readers, my incredible staff and amazing contributors, none of this would even be possible. Another group who deserves a big shout-out is our local USPS. They are so helpful working with us each month. The icing on the cake is the advertisers who have trusted us with their business over this past year. Thank you! You are all making it possible for me to live my dream.

We have more local stories to share, so, thank you for welcoming us into your lives. Enjoy all Texarkana Magazine has to offer.

God Bless,


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