Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter

“I thrive in the chaos.” … I jokingly say this to people amid packed schedules and the constant challenges that arise. A typical day for us is running a business, working full time, household chores and all the after-school activities our three kids enjoy. While we all seem to complain about the monotony of the everyday, if we are honest, we recognize that every day comes with a certain amount of uncertainty. … For example, something I seem to be frequently holding my breath about these days is paper. A nationwide paper shortage is a very real problem when you are in the magazine business.

Publisher’s Letter

My favorite all-time entrepreneur is the one and only H. Ross Perot. Every story I’ve ever heard about him I find fascinating. I remember when I was in elementary school, he ran for president. I became intrigued when I learned he was from Texarkana, attended Texas High School and Texarkana College and was running for President of the United States! This blew my little elementary mind. That old saying “You can grow up and become president,” was actually in motion for someone from my hometown.

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December 2022
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