Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter

photo by Brian Jones
I truly believe that every day is the perfect day to start living better. This is the reason I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m sort of an “if it is worth doing, it is worth starting today” kind of gal. I even ramped up my running back in November just to make sure I had a jump on the fitness resolution crowd that inevitably doubles in the new year.

Publisher's Letter

16-month old John Henry Meisenheimer and Santa photo by Whitney Brooks
Like a general going into battle, we are laser focused as we march toward the holiday season. We have decorating goals that would make Joanna Gaines dizzy, and the range of holiday dishes we have waiting in our Pinterest would make Betty Crocker curl up in defeat and eat straight from the jar. … Reconsidering my over-zealous ideas, I shake my head when I concede that my holiday dishes will probably be prepared and purchased from some of our local restaurant favorites that thankfully do the hard work to make holiday dinners easier.

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December 2022
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