Texana Bank Presents Breast Cancer Warriors

Texarkana Magazine recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October and supports breast cancer survivors, those fighting breast cancer, and their families. Texana Bank celebrates three of their own employees and breast cancer warriors and survivors.

Warrior One: Linda Roberts
Breast cancer arrived in our lives in 2009. A small raised lump on my upper right breast required an immediate biopsy. The biopsy was positive for those dreaded words. An immediate appointment was made in Little Rock at the Women’s Oncology Group. The journey began with lots of tests, scans, surgeries, chemoradiation, hair loss, and medication that makes you ache and sweat. How did I make it? I made it through this journey with the love of my sweet husband, family, friends, and lots of prayers and kindness. I wake up every morning feeling so blessed to be given another day to enjoy my life with things that really matter, a husband who loves me, along with family and friends that I cherish. Every day is a gift, and I am blessed to call myself a cancer survivor. "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10.

Warrior Two: Beverly Atkins
I was diagnosed last year on April 29th with Stage 1B. The cancer was caught early, so I feel very fortunate in that respect. My mom had breast cancer, also, so I really was not surprised when I got my diagnosis. I chose to go to Baylor in Dallas to have a lumpectomy and 36 radiation treatments. My inspiration to get through this was a friend’s daughter that died from brain cancer. The little 13-year-old was so strong throughout the year and a half that she dealt with cancer! It is amazing how people reach out to you so quickly when you get this diagnosis. Two wonderful ladies from Texana Bank that have had breast cancer reached out to me immediately and said all the right words to make me feel better.

Warrior Three: Cheri Corley 
I was diagnosed eleven years ago, at age 47. I was faithful to have my annual mammograms; however, my lump appeared within a few months of an upcoming exam. My advice to all women is to keep those appointments and get your annual screening. Early detection is key!! My faith, family, friends, and great doctors were all vital to my recovery and healing. If I can help encourage other women by sharing my story, I am happy to do so. I was blessed to have many friends who shared their personal stories, and their support was so encouraging!


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