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photos by Matt Cornelius
photos by Matt Cornelius

Certain pieces of art, such as Leonardo Davinci’s The Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, have been etched into the minds of people across the world. These pieces are well known, not because they are new or recently discovered, rather, these masterpieces continue to be beloved because of their extraordinary beauty that has carried them through the ages. It is through pieces such as these that we can see the way art brings people together, draws conversation and questions and can tell hundreds of stories at the same time. If art can speak depth and meaning to a blank wall, why not decorate your house with bold statements from the heart?

Whether design-oriented photographs or boldly textured paintings, these Texarkana homeowners have a deep love for art. When walking through the front door of the residents’ home, your eye is immediately drawn to two large paintings titled Rain Dance and Sun Dance by actor Anthony Hopkins who starred in movies like Legends of the Fall and Silence of the Lambs. This brightly colored art sits perfectly in the home without taking attention away from the rest of the stunning architectural moments. The homeowners wanted the design of the house to be complemented by the art because the art introduces you to the family and gives a look into who they are. When working art into their design, aesthetic and style were their highest priorities; therefore the art incorporated continues to add more depth to this home. The homeowners strived to create a place they love with pieces of art that speak to them.

While many pieces of art can be found in this family’s home, they come from a wide variety of origins. A beautiful photography triad by Edward Curtis, a famous photographer from World War I, consists of images of three Native Americans. The artist photographed these men in order to grasp and share the life lived by the Plains Indians during a time they were unsure of the future and their own survival. Curtis said he lived within the premise of “we, not you.” He wanted to show he could work alongside them to tell the stories of their lives, as good art so commonly does, instead of simply using them to make himself more successful. There is no “in your face” statement being made through these images, but when you look at them, there are many stories being told, stories these Texarkana homeowners get to share and pass on.

Just as certain art pieces can be passed down through many generations, the love of art can be spread through families as well. The homeowners state they have “always loved art.” Artistic parents who loved to paint and whose art is among the pieces in this incredible collection, passed on a passion for art no matter the medium. Whether paintings, sculpted pieces or photography, you can find beautiful examples of each throughout the house. There are even photographs taken by the homeowner personalizing the rich decor and taking it to another level. Surrounding yourself with things you love helps you grow a deeper knowledge and respect for them. While it is true, they have art from developing students attending The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), to big names such as Edward Curtis; some of their most eye-catching pieces come from the homeowners themselves. This shows the benefits of having an art-filled life. Art isn’t something limited to the genius minds of the eighteenth century; it only requires someone willing to look deeper than surface level and be willing to celebrate what they discover.

As homeowners of the 21st century, many strive to make the biggest statement or to create the most Pinterest-esque living room. When these Texarkana homeowners remodeled their house, they wanted to add in the things they loved regardless of what “normal” was. Having only the pieces they created themselves, the residents decided to build their collection. This building process can take a long time and beautiful additions can be found in the most unexpected places. Often, simply walking around and exploring other cities has brought about some of their favorite finds. They stumble upon something they like and consider if it will fit with what they already have. Just like any designer, their primary concern has been decorating to their own unique aesthetic while trying to engage their own interest. Therefore, they choose to decorate with more than the average department store offerings. Instead, they commit to the things that inspire them and make it work beautifully. Going beyond the basic “design rules,” this family broadens the status-quo of the modern-day home into something that tells stories beyond its walls. Every piece of art, including unique sculptures, has meaning behind it. Artists create to share their voice and opinions in ways beyond public speaking or big productions. Their voice requires more understanding and commitment to see. It requires people who are willing to share and talk about it. That’s what these homeowners strive to do. They dress their house with more than decorations; it is adorned with the stories, values and visions brought to life through the minds and talents of incredible artists.

A home isn’t something to be taken lightly. A person’s home should be where they share their most prized items and where they feel safe to display what they want seen. It should be the place where visitors are able to gather the most insight into who you really are and the things that matter to you. Whether someone presents shadow-boxed football jerseys of their favorite player, or they put an amazing piece of art on each wall, a home should represent a person’s most valued talking points. As Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” So, our homes are like a work of art on their own, telling the stories of who we are and all we value.


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