Ark-La-Tex 100 Club Pull For Heroes

The mission of the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club is to raise funds for the dependents of our first responders lost in the line of duty. Remaining funds are used to purchase any unbudgeted but necessary life-saving equipment and additional training.

We started in 2016 with a generous grant from the Clay Eichler Memorial Fund. These funds were put right to work in our community, with $65,136 worth of grants being given to local police and firefighters within the first few months. These initial grants, along with the hard work of volunteers, helped to establish the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club in our community. To further expand our reach, we started a Facebook page and began attending gatherings and events where first responders were and where supporters could be found. As with many start-ups, growth has been slow, but with a great group of volunteers, it continues to grow. We now have a fully functioning website,, and have pushed a marketing campaign to get the word out. With the establishment of a great fundraiser called Pull for the Heroes, we can continue this worthy cause. All these great advancements have allowed us to grant $314,000+ dollars to our local first responders.

“During my law enforcement career, I have never known of another nonprofit organization who raises funds to assist local law enforcement and firefighters. The Ark-La-Tex 100 Club has been very generous to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office. With their grants, we have been able to purchase equipment vital to keeping our deputies safe.” —Jeff Neal, Bowie County Sheriff

“Local” is a word you hear often when working with the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club, and it is the true beauty of this organization. The funds raised are done so by volunteers and are used right here in our community. Our generous supporters are directly helping our heroes in the line of duty in our community and on our streets and helping their families during the hardest time they could face. Because of the great work of our first responders, our community is relatively safe when compared to others, so we have been blessed with very few loss of life payouts. Most of our grants can go to providing lifesaving equipment to help minimize risks for the first responders in harm’s way. Immediately upon its inception, the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club began building relationships with local police and fire departments throughout Bowie and Miller Counties to see how this organization could best meet their most immediate needs. These specialized grants are awarded fairly among the departments in each service area and are greatly appreciated.

“When you give to the Ark-La-Tex 100 Club, not only are you ensuring that our families will be cared for in the event of a line of duty death, but you are also helping our departments receive the training and equipment we need to help safeguard our lives.” —Kevin Schutte, Chief of Police, Texarkana Texas Police Department

Momentum for this cause has been great, and we want to keep it going onward and upward each year. We need everyone’s support, and there are many ways in which you can join this amazing journey. Our fundraiser is a really fun one, and a great way to get involved and meet your local heroes. We are kicking off our fourth annual Pull for the Heroes Sporting Clay Tournament fundraising drive soon. The event will be at Rocky Creek Outdoors in Texarkana, TX, on March 13th at 7:00 am for registration. We would love for you to join us for the event. If you are unable to join, we still need your support. Your membership or donation goes directly to local first responders. Please request or fill out a sponsorship packet or go to our website, to join or donate, or volunteer to help in whatever capacity you are able.

Let’s stand with those who pledge their lives in service to our community. 

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